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Anyone who tells a story speaks a world into being. Michael Williams

Not all of the books that I suggest get five-star reader ratings at Internet bookstores; but this proves to me that, like grief, comfort is deeply personal. Not every grief book works for every griever. Consider, too, that there are many grief books available now and I don't come close to listing all of them. Keep searching for what you need.

Most of the books that I outline here are available through Barnes and Noble and Amazon, or they can be ordered at local book stores. This is a no-profit site and I do not personally benefit from my recommendations. The books are on my list because I have read them and they helped me; or they were recommended and I reviewed them before I posted here. I hope they help you, too.

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How complicated and individual mending is,
the time required for healing
cannot be measured against any fixed calendar
Mary Jane Moffat
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