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An individual doesn't get cancer, a family does
. Terry Tempest Williams

As the U.S. population ages, many adults find themselves taking care of their own families and elderly parents at the same time, often referred to as The Sandwich Generation; or, caring for an ill spouse while employed outside the home. The Long Goodbye is for people in the primary caregiver role, or those faced with the agony of watching a loved one die slowly from chronic illness.

On a personal note...

As a registered nurse, I took care of people for a living. I have been a family caregiver twice and there is no comparison to professional nursing. It was harder for me to care for someone I love. My husband was disabled and unable to work for two years. I was his primary caregiver. My father was ill at home for three years before he died. During the last months of his life, I made the 260-mile round trip once a week to give respite to my mother and sister.

During both of these periods of care giving, I was exhausted and distracted. In retrospect, I realized two things: 1) It was difficult to attend to my own emotional well-being and be a family caregiver at the same time, and 2) I thought I was alone. And so, Support for the Caregiver was born. We teach best what we need to know. I hope the information helps you. I wish you peace.

Summer 2012: My husband fell down a flight of stairs and shattered his ankle. Following surgery with placement of pins, plates and screws, there was a long recovery / rehab process. I found myself caregiver once more. From the lessons learned earlier, I knew that I could not care for him unless I took care of me. Care giving still had its challenges, but at least this time around, I was doing things differently. I continue to believe that we teach best what we ourselves need to know.

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How complicated and individual mending is, the time required for healing
cannot be measured against any fixed calendar
. Mary Jane Moffat
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