Final Wish


Mom loved teddy bears and had about 200 bears in her collection. She was also a planner and, true to her nature, she left my sister Alice and me detailed instructions for her memorial service. Mom made it clear she wanted to be laid to rest with the one teddy bear that Dad had given her.

Since Dad preceded Mom in death by twelve years, only my sister and I were left to identify the special bear. We didn’t have a clue. My sister went to our mother’s home in search of the bear. The room was overflowing with bears of all types. How could she find the bear in a sea of bears? After looking for a while with no luck, Alice said out loud, “OK, Mom, you’re going to have to help me find the bear Dad gave you because I don’t know which one it is.”

My sister’s attention was then drawn to a small brown bear set slightly away from the others. Alice reached out to pick it up and the bear was warm to the touch, almost glowing. She turned it over and there was a tiny tag in our mother’s handwriting: From Jim. Alice had found the one teddy bear that Dad had given Mom and we were able to fulfill Mom’s final wish.

Was the teddy bear’s warmth a coincidence or a form of after-death communication? You decide.

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