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It doesn't take much money to let someone know you care. Flowers, a simple card, a favorite CD/DVD, a contribution to a charity in memory of the one who has died, a gift basket of tea, coffee, comfort goodies or fresh fruit, or an invitation to lunch all say 'I am thinking of you' during this difficult time.

Stores such as Hallmark and Things Remembered sell beautiful ornaments and other memorial items during the holiday season. It isn't the gift that matters as much as the fact you remember your friend is hurting. With a little bit of effort, you can find an appropriate and meaningful gift for your grieving friend.

I love receiving books as gifts and I have read (almost) every book listed on this web site. They are not expensive and can be purchased online. I believe a grief book makes a thoughtful gift because, by giving it, you are acknowledging your friend's loss and pain amidst the merrymaking of the season. Please go to Support After Loss and Holiday Grief Support for recommendations and brief summaries.

My mother collected teddy bears. I received a grief bear after she died and it was a great source of comfort to me when grief was new. Grief bears are not for everyone but they can make loving gifts for someone in need of a hug. 

The two grief bear sites below offer a variety of styles and prices. Flowers are always a thoughtful way to show that you care. InTimeofSorrow.com and SympathySolutions.com furnish gifts of lasting comfort. Angel Catcher is a beautiful journal written by the mother of a murdered son. Add a fine writing pen or bookmark for a special friend. TreesforaChange.com replenishes national forests and provides unique memorial gifts that live on. The final site rates charities if you want give in someone's name.  

Good Grief Bears: Comfort for all ages

Vermont Teddy Bear: Sympathy and Mourning (Made in America)


Order flowers online any time of the year:





Other gift ideas:

Angel Catcher: A Journal of Loss and Remembrance by Kathy Eldon

InTimeofSorrow.com: Meaningful Sympathy Gifts that Last

SympathySolutions.com: Unique Expressions of Comfort

Treesforachange.com: Memorial Trees and Sympathy Gifts. "Give a gift, Restore a Forest"


In memory of...  

CharityNavigator.org: Check a charity's rating before you donate

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