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The most profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical. Albert Einstein

I am sharing with you the books that helped me. My intention is to comfort you in your sorrow, but if the books increase your sense of loss, or they offend you, please scroll past them and know that we all grieve in our own way and in our own time. What helps me may not help you; or, the timing just isn't right.

Start with the works of George Anderson, Echo Bodine, Allison DuBois, James Van Praagh or John Edward. Some of their books carry recommended reading lists that will enlarge the scope of your search until you find the information that rings true with you. Consider, too, that there are many books about after-death communication available now and my recommendations don't come close to listing all of them. I have chosen to highlight the ones that I have read myself.

Note: You will not find books by the late* Sylvia Browne listed here. I value some of what she wrote, but her descriptions of ghostly ectoplasm are too much for me. She wrote many books about after-death communication. Since we are all unique in our search for answers, only you know if the works of Sylvia Browne are right for you.

*Date of Death: November 20, 2013

Famous Mediums and Their Private Reading Fees:


Please be aware that famous mediums charge big bucks for private readings. George Anderson charges $1200 per hour, $400 for fifteen minutes. To be fair, Mr. Anderson's books receive mostly four and five star ratings, but a reader review at Amazon touched me. Click I loved this book till I had a phone reading with George. The respectful and heartfelt review is very sad.

You will pay $800 when you call on John Edward. Sylvia Browne's son Chris Dufresne will continue her psychic work. You must call the office for his current reading fee. It is not a toll free call. The last fee that I saw posted for his mother was $750. James Van Praagh's price is $700 for one person with an additional $100 for two people. Allison DuBois requires that you attend her $180 seminar in person before being eligible to book a private reading. I could not find the cost of her one-on-one sessions.

Echo Bodine has the least expensive rates: Her phone readings range from two questions for $100 to five questions for $200. She answers inquiries about any area of your life. Like Mr. Anderson, not everyone has a satisfying reading experience with Ms. Bodine. Authors cannot delete unfavorable Amazon reviews. I will add that no psychic/medium has 100% accuracy for every person who pays for a private session. Some readings are flawless, others not so much. Psychics are human after all, even the famous ones.

I did not see a waiting period on Ms. Bodine's website, but most prominent psychics/mediums have waiting lists of three months to one year, or more, for private readings. Several months ago I e-mailed Bodine's office and requested a reading. I wanted to test how long it took for her to respond. No one ever replied to my inquiry.

From book reviews and reading testimonials, it is clear that Anderson, DuBois, Edward, Van Praagh and others have comforted countless grievers. Everyone deserves to make a living when they provide a valuable service, but I am uneasy with large fees for messages from the other side. I am posting this information because my responibility is to inform you of the facts. Only you can decide the cost benefit of readings from acclaimed, and therefore expensive, mediums. For more thoughts on grief and the ethics of psychic readings, go to Caution: You Are Vulnerable Right Now.

The books listed below are available online or they can be ordered at most local book stores. 

CJ's List:


Anderson, George and Andrew Barone. Ask George Anderson: What Souls in the Hereafter Can Teach Us About Life. Berkley Trade, 2012, 320 pages. Excerpt from Amazon product description: Understand the importance and meaning of your life’s journey here on Earth—with the guidance and perspective of the souls in the hereafter...Ask George Anderson shares the most common questions clients ask and reveals the illuminating answers that the souls have provided on issues and concerns of our everyday life here on earth. They are invaluable lessons that will enrich all our lives because they’re imparted from a profound and rare perspective: that of the souls who have already lived it and learned from it.

Bodine, Echo. Echoes of the Soul: The Soul's Journey Beyond the Light - Through Life, Death, and Life After Death New World Library, 1999. 173 pages.

Amazon Book Review by Gail Hudson: Renowned psychic Echo Bodine speaks to the life and afterlife of the soul. In the beginning, Bodineaddresses life in heaven, shedding her psychic gleanings on the different "levels" of the soul, starting with level one ("totally self-absorbed") through level five (those who "understand the oneness with all of creation and with God"). From here Bodine enters into discussions on the soul's being sent to earth for birth, or "going back to school." Life is considered "the school on earth." And death is our "graduation." Bodine also speaks to the more familiar experiences of "soul travel" (a.k.a. "out-of-body experiences") and the disassociated and depressed state of "soul loss" (which, she believes, is reparable). Those who don't believe in heaven, angels, and life after death will probably find Bodine's writing hokey and implausible. However, believers will be intrigued by this interestingly packaged and well-written book that attempts to answer the ultimate question: Why am I here?

Also by Echo Bodine:

What Happens When We Die: A Psychic's Exploration of Death, Heaven, and the Soul's Journey After Death New World Library, October 2013. (Available for pre-order now.)

Product Description: Mega bestsellers like Proof of Heaven and 90 Minutes in Heaven show a hunger for insight. Who doesn’t want to know what happens when we die? But can we know? Are there those who’ve been there and back? Echo Bodineis beloved for her down-to-earth wisdom on the decidedly out of this world. Here she shares her lifetime of learning — and personal experience — about all the above questions. She offers practical tools for being with the dying (including what not to do), grieving (through the poignant experience of her own mother passing as she was writing this book), and cultivating clear and inspiring communication with the deceased. Learning what happens when we die turns out to be inspiring, reassuring, and profoundly life-changing.

Belanger, Jeff. Communicating with the Dead. Franklin Lakes, NJ: Career Press New Page Books, 2005. Explores various methods people use to communicate with the other side by interviewing experts in each field of interest. Well-written and detailed, this book is a good overview of the many ways people approach after-death communication.

DuBois, Allison. We Are Their Heaven: Why the Dead Never Leave Us. New York: Fireside Books Simon and Schuster, 2006.

From the woman who inspired the NBC TV show Medium. Those who have crossed over continue to provide us with love, guidance, comfort and support, but the dead have a language of their own. The author teaches us how to recognize, read and interpret signs from our loved ones on the other side. The book is about life, death and the unbreakable connection of love. I found it comforting and believable. I most liked the author's humility about her psychic gifts.

Edward, John. One Last Time: A Psychic Medium Speaks to Those We Have Loved and Lost. Berkley Trade, 1999.

From the publisher: It's easy to distrust those who claim to communicate with the dead, to dismiss them as charlatans who take advantage of the bereaved. Psychic medium Edward himself urges readers to "be skeptical, though not cynical." But it is not so easy to reject Edward's compelling tale of gradually accepting his psychic abilities and acting as a messenger between spirits who have passed over to "the Other Side" and their loved ones left behind.

With a college degree in public health and administration, and "rising within the ranks" of a large hospital, he finally gave in to the "constant yanking feeling" he had experienced since he was a boy. In several poignant stories of connecting people with their deceased family members, Edward tries "to demystify spirit communication" by explaining exactly what he sees, hears and feels during a "reading."

The spirits, he says, speak to him in voices, sounds, images, sensations, smells, tastes and feelings, mostly in symbolic form. Usually, beyond identifying the senders in verifiable ways, the messages are simply that those who have passed on are all right and that "they're still with us."

The author is a combination of James Van Praagh tempered with the down-to-earth appeal of Caroline Myss. Edward offers an intriguing collection of anecdotes that may not convince the cynical but that can both comfort and fascinate the merely skeptical.

Also by John Edward:

Crossing Over. Jodere Group, 2001.

From the publisher: In Crossing Over—the book—John brings his readers with him on the extraordinary journey that has been his life since his New York Times bestseller One Last Time was published in 1998.

In the style of his TV show and personal appearances—poignant, funny, and remarkably candid—John deals head-on with the controversial issues he has confronted on his voyage as a psychic medium. Readers might be surprised to learn that it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. On the way to becoming an internationally celebrated medium, John has had to learn his own lessons about the meaning of his work and about the motivations of some of the people he has met on his path.

Afterlife: Answers from the Other Side. Princess Press, 2003.

From the publisher: In his fourth book, John Edward demonstrates once again that grief, healing, and hope are eternally intertwined and universal. John answers your most often-asked questions about how the mediumship process works on the “other side,” while taking you on the inside of his own personal life as a husband and new father. He shares what he’s learned through his own recent, personal losses and demonstrates that you’re never too late to forgive—and never too far away to love.

McEneaney, Bonnie.
Messages: Signs, Visits, and Premonitions from Loved Ones Lost on 9/11. New York: William Morrow, An Imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, 2010. Hardcover edition.

Edited Product Description from Amazon.com: When Bonnie McEneaney's husband, Eamon, died in the attacks on the World Trade Center, she thought she had lost him forever. And then something unexpected happened that would shake her to the core and reassure her that her husband was still with her. As she reveals in the book, the author began to have experiences that convinced her that her husband, in spirit, was sending her signs, indeed messages, that he was still present and watching over his family. A mother and former business executive, Bonnie was always the rational one, and quite skeptical of the spiritual world and all that it represents, but after talking to a number of other families and friends of loved ones lost on 9/11, she realized she was not alone.

Numerous others connected to the tragedy—from financial executives to stay-at-home moms—described their own experiences: premonitions, signs, dreams, visitations, and communications through mediums and psychics. Bonnie began recording their compelling stories in a four-year-long project, illuminating the power of love and the unbreakable bond love creates. Now, in Messages, she shares these spiritual stories while weaving in her own heartfelt message of comfort and hope for all those who are searching for their own deeper connections, proving that love and relationships can continue after death.

Van Praagh, James. Healing Grief: Reclaiming Life After Any Loss. New York: New American Library, 2000.

James Van Praagh is a well-known medium and author of the best-selling book Talking to Heaven. Here he shares spiritual messages from deceased loved ones, who shed new light on grief and loss. The stories, along with his personal experiences of grief, help us view loss as part of our soul's evolving spiritual journey--one that will move us beyond the devastating sorrow of grief to a life of renewed purpose.

Besides the death of loved ones, the author looks at all types of loss, including divorce, aging, losing a home or job, catastrophic illness, prenatal death, pet loss and mental illness. There is a question and answer section and a chapter on how to heal after any loss with practical advice, activities and meditations. The writing is heartfelt, wise and compassionate.

I have one criticism of Mr. Van Praagh's writing: He can be too in love with his own abilities at times and is very much a celebrity name-dropper. Still, his writing comforts me and isn't that the greatest gift I can receive from anyone who writes about grief?

One final thought about finding books: Use any large online bookstore as a research tool. Type in key words such as afterlife, medium, spirits, after-death communication or an author's name and see what turns up. Read descriptions and reviews. Search libraries. After-death communication is usually found in the paranormal or "New Age" section. Trust that you will find what you need.



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