Caution: You Are Vulnerable Right Now


The death of a loved one makes us vulnerable to others because we are experiencing the powerful raw emotions of grief. Our defenses are down and we may not be thinking straight. Because we want the loneliness and pain to stop, or we yearn to know that our loved one is OK, we may turn to the services of psychics or mediums in our search for answers from the other side.

I offer a word of caution here: Not all psychics can communicate with souls on the other side, and not all people who call themselves psychics or mediums are on spiritual paths. Some just want your money. To be fair, most psychics and mediums sincerely want to help you. Because skill levels vary in every profession, there are gifted and not so gifted spirit communicators.

Please go to a psychic or medium for spirit communication only if that person has been recommended to you by someone you trust. If you are grieving the death of a loved one, you are fragile, and sadly, there are people who will prey upon your vulnerability. Please use caution and take care of yourself.

Definition of terms:

The word 'psychic' comes from the Greek work psyche meaning 'soul' and refers to various forms of extrasensory perception. As such, psychic is a broad umbrella term covering a wide range of abilities such as predicting the future, reading minds or extracting information from holding an object. It can be an adjective (psychic gifts) or a noun (She is a psychic). Most psychics have one or two particular areas of strength which may, or may not, include receiving information from the afterlife. A medium, on the other hand, has a specific skill: that of communicating with the spirits of the dead.


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